Happy Friday!

I have not yet met a single person who doesn’t experience that special Friday feeling. It’s the end of the working week for many people and a time to anticipate the freedom and fun that the weekend offers.

I was born on a Friday and I love this day of the week. I even created a website called ‘Friday’ that celebrated this special day 😃

Friday is sometimes connected with superstitions and odd beliefs.
In Georgia (where I live), ‘Nine Fridays in a day’ describes people who change their minds too often.

‘Friday Girl’ was my nickname in childhood (used mostly by my parents). My mother’s explanation was: ‘You do everything upside down because you were born on Friday and you have Nine Fridays in a day!’

I still do things in my very own way, which perhaps can be described as ‘upside down’ but I still don’t know how Friday is connected with such type of behavior.

However I can understand the second part of the ‘Nine Fridays in a Day’ saying. I often change my mind. I did it a lot during my childhood. I had many hobbies and interests, which constantly competed for my attention – in the morning I wanted to be a painter and pirate, in the afternoon a pianist or writer, or maybe a biologist? A chef? A cosmonaut? Later in the afternoon I would decide that I would be a police chief or a cartoon creator. In the evening I was already dreaming of a film director’s career.

Well, I definitely didn’t become a pirate, though I did learn a lot of many interesting things by frequently changing my mind. In my heart, I know I am a Friday girl!

When I grew up and started work, my Friday expectations were never connected with weekends. I was a journalist and that profession doesn’t recognize formal working days or even holidays. However, Fridays were always somehow special. Perhaps it is because I am a ‘Friday Girl’ 😃

Last week, I started this blog and have already posted 13 articles, optimized my art website, made some digital paintings, took lots of photos, kissed my cat hundreds of times (which she considered to be bullying), tickled my dog a lot and did some other interesting things as well. It was a lovely week!

I feel a bit tired but happy – thank God it’s Friday!

I wish you an amazing and joyful weekend!


Happy Friday!

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Ocean Sun

My abstract digital artwork ‘Ocean Sun’ for warm vibes.

Have a look at details:

And a whole picture:

Shorena Ratiani Art

Have a sunny day,


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Check out my painting and drawing portfolio as well.

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Old Fences New Beauty

I always feel a bit sad when I walk past old fences that are broken, collapsed and re-painted repeatedly and weathered pale by sun, rain and time. I feel compelled to capture and preserve their dilapidated state and can’t stop photographing them.

Old fences remind me of old, adorable grandmas, who have been forgotten, or as my (not forgotten) grandma would say, ‘forgotten even by the death’. I don’t want they were forgotten by people – that’s why I photograph them. 

Have a look at my old fence textures and tell me – are they as beautiful as I think they are?

That’s all for today.

Have a lovely time,


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Check out my painting and drawing portfolio as well.

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My chalk pastel drawing of a girl, who loves to go for walk with flowers. Her name is ‘Lynette’.

Chalk pastel drawing by Shorena Ratiani

Have a look at details 🖤

Shorena Ratiani Art
Title: ‘Lynette’
Medium: Chalk pastel on paper
Dimensions: 50 X 70 cm (20″ X 28″)

Please check out album of my drawings to see more artworks as well.

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Confused Nature

While others struggle with shoveling snow, here in Tbilisi we have almost forgotten what snow looks like. Instead of a ‘White Christmas’ we had a ‘Bright Christmas’. You don’t always get what you want or expect!

Nature appears to be completely confused. The trees and vines think it’s still Autumn and don’t want to let go of leaves and fruits, whilst some plants think it’s already spring and time to bloom.

Shorena Ratiani Photography

Confused nature photos in my gallery 🙂

If nature was human shaped it would look like him😉😃

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