Old Fences New Beauty

I always feel a bit sad when I walk past old fences that are broken, collapsed and re-painted repeatedly and weathered pale by sun, rain and time. I feel compelled to capture and preserve their dilapidated state and can’t stop photographing them.

Old fences remind me of old, adorable grandmas, who have been forgotten, or as my (not forgotten) grandma would say, ‘forgotten even by the death’. I don’t want they were forgotten by people – that’s why I photograph them. 

Have a look at my old fence textures and tell me – are they as beautiful as I think they are?

That’s all for today.

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My chalk pastel drawing of a girl, who loves to go for walk with flowers. Her name is ‘Lynette’.

Chalk pastel drawing by Shorena Ratiani

Have a look at details 🖤

Shorena Ratiani Art
Title: ‘Lynette’
Medium: Chalk pastel on paper
Dimensions: 50 X 70 cm (20″ X 28″)

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Confused Nature

While others struggle with shoveling snow, here in Tbilisi we have almost forgotten what snow looks like. Instead of a ‘White Christmas’ we had a ‘Bright Christmas’. You don’t always get what you want or expect!

Nature appears to be completely confused. The trees and vines think it’s still Autumn and don’t want to let go of leaves and fruits, whilst some plants think it’s already spring and time to bloom.

Shorena Ratiani Photography

Confused nature photos in my gallery 🙂

If nature was human shaped it would look like him😉😃

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This is one of the first pictures I made after I started painting again. Because of the miniature detail it took several weeks to complete.

When I finished it, I promised myself that I wouldn’t paint such highly detailed pictures again but my next picture was even more detailed 😃 😃

Here is the whole painting, together with close-ups to show the detail:

Shorena Ratiani Art
Title: Ambiance
Medium: Tempera and acrylic on paper
Dimensions: 50 X 70 cm (20″ X 28″)

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Street Cat Show

I am sure this street cat remembered that I had fed him when I first saw him.

Welcoming street cat.
Shorena Ratiani Photography

He was sitting near the entrance to a pedestrian tunnel and was dirty, scruffy, and very hungry. I fed him and he was so happy.

When I saw him again after several months I didn’t have any food in my bag so I just stroked him. To show his appreciation, he began a lovely performance involving stretching and posing ❤️

When he had finished, he jumped down and disappeared. I was delighted by his theatrical performance but felt guilty that I had no food to give him. I need to improve my street cat catering service ❤️

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If you have a moment please visit my painting and drawing  portfolio and look at digital art page as well.

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