‘High’ secrets of Morning Glory

Morning glory, botanically known as Ipomoea, is one of my favorite flowers. It’s super easy to grow and doesn’t require too much care – just perfect for lazy gardeners.

dark blue morning glory plant
© Shorena Ratiani Photography

You can grow it from seed. For better results, seeds can be nicked and soaked in water for 24 hours before planting.

The most popular varieties of morning glory plants are native to Japan or Mexico and largely grown in North America and Europe.

dark blue morning glory
© Shorena Ratiani Photography

If your new morning glory plant hasn’t flowered yet, be patient. Morning glories can take a couple of months, up to 120 days from seed to flower, to burst out in blooms, especially if you planted the vine from seed.

© Shorena Ratiani Photography

But this beautiful climbing plant has its secrets.

Eating morning glory flowers is not dangerous, however the seeds can be poisonous, especially in large quantities. Morning glory seeds can get you high because they contain LSA, a chemical similar to LSD.

Typically, eating morning glory seeds is not dangerous, but in large enough quantities, they can cause hallucinations, physical symptoms such as nausea and diarrhea, and overdose.

morning glory
© Shorena Ratiani Photography

Have a look at my morning glory gallery – I found dark and light purple, and also pink flowers during my photo walks.

Beautiful Poppies

Is there anyone who doesn’t love the time when poppies bloom? In an imperfect world, I try to seek out perfect moments and the time when poppies cover the fields is one of those moments.

Poppy fields look like impressionist paintings. It’s easy to see where the artists found their inspiration.

Poppies are special flowers for me. When I was a child I loved collecting poppies but I noticed they became sad very quickly so I stopped picking them. I realised that it was better to leave them where they were born. Whenever I feel an urge to pick flowers I think of my ‘childhood poppies’ and stop myself. Cut flowers may look beautiful for a few days but you are watching something beautiful die a premature death. I now never accept flowers as gift.

My poppy picture collection:

I hope you all have a lovely day.


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