It’s stray animals day. You could help them too

Today is Stray Animals Day. It is estimated that there are 600 million stray animals in the world.

They are often hungry, suffer from extreme heat or cold and disease, and suffer from abuse. Stray Animals Day is a day to show compassion and take action.

We rescued this kitten from the streets in Tbilisi several years ago and she lives happily with us. We called her Bambi.

And this is how she looks now 🐱 and her current name is Minkey – she likes this name much more 😃

You can read more about Minkey in my another post My Family and Other Animals.

If you have some time you can look at my animal photography page where I uploaded photos of street cats and dogs.

You can also read my post Street Cat Show.

And one more post about very lovely ginger cat who eat our meal in McDonald’s 😃

I hope all other stray animals will find homes where they will be cared and loved.

Stunning Ginger Street Cat enjoyed our meal!

We met this ginger gentleman some time ago in a McDonald’s restaurant. He was sitting at the edge of the outdoor seating area like a colorful cat statue. 

When we sat down to eat, he suddenly appeared at our table and waited patiently until we offered to share our meal. He didn’t beg or make a fuss and politely declined to eat cheese and French fries. He accepted only burgers. 

I was so pleased he was not keen on my vegetarian meal. However, the meat eaters in my family ended up with smaller than normal Big Macs! 😄😄

However, everyone was happy, especially our Ginger Street Cat guest. 

Enjoy your time,


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Street Cat Show

I am sure this street cat remembered that I had fed him when I first saw him.

Welcoming street cat.
Shorena Ratiani Photography

He was sitting near the entrance to a pedestrian tunnel and was dirty, scruffy, and very hungry. I fed him and he was so happy.

When I saw him again after several months I didn’t have any food in my bag so I just stroked him. To show his appreciation, he began a lovely performance involving stretching and posing ❤️

When he had finished, he jumped down and disappeared. I was delighted by his theatrical performance but felt guilty that I had no food to give him. I need to improve my street cat catering service ❤️

To see more lovely cat photos, please check out my Animal Photography Page ❤️

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My Family and Other Animals

Hello there! Hope, you are having nice time 😊

Please grab a cup of coffee, and let’s get to know each other better!

Although I created this website as a journal of my art journey and artsy lifestyle generally, I need to say couple of words about my family members in case they invade to my blog pages and occupy some part of it. Or at least actively participate in the stories, I’ll post here as I wouldn’t be able to restart my career if not their support.


The head of the family – Monkey aka Minkey (a shortened version of Mini Monkey) who is actually a cat and not a monkey. We rescued her from the street five years ago. She was dirty, hungry, and thirsty and had a broken leg. We cleaned her up, fed her and fixed her leg and she has been with us ever since. She currently serves as the boss of the household and like all cats is a self-proclaimed princess. She was definitely put on earth to rule!

minkey, cat, kitty, lovely, the boss, pet, animal

Minkey. The Boss.

Minkey is the busiest member of our family. Her responsibilities include the supervision of my artistic work. As an art curator, she closely monitors my progress and ensures that everything is done according to her exquisite taste.

minkey, cat, kitty, lovely, the boss, pet, animal
Minkey the Supervisor

Caucasian Shepherd dog Moses – a pretty girl, not a boy as might be expected by her name. When she was born, her behavior reminded me of the silly seal Moses from Vi på Saltkråkan by Astrid Lindgren, so I named her Moses.

moses, dog, caucasian shepherd, huge dog, shepherd, mountain dog, georgian shepherd,
Moses, Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Moses is a large dog and scary looking but she is a sweet and most loving creature who still thinks she is a puppy who can still jump on your lap. She doesn’t mind that she is five years old already and weighs nearly 70 kilos. Her job description is not too long. She is just responsible for being lovely and cuddly for family members and scary for imaginary intruders. 

moses, dog, caucasian shepherd, huge dog, shepherd, mountain dog, georgian shepherd,
Moses, Caucasian Shepherd Dog

My teenage son lives in his own self-proclaimed kingdom in a part of our house where moms, pets and cameras are not allowed. He has grown up quicker than I could ever have imagined was possible and I require special permission to take a photo of him. Well… this time I didn’t get that permission 😃

And at last my wonderful, very supportive life partner Mike Bear, who persistently supports one of my hobbies – cooking. He probably is only Englishman in Georgia who has actually tasted every single Georgian dish. His current size of waist is directly proportional reflection of this support.

That’s it for now. Thanks for getting to know our family!

Hugs from all of us,



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