China Calandine – a real hero survivor

This lovely plant with lovely bright yellow flowers is China Calandine (or Greater Calandine).

China Calandine. Photo by Shorena Ratiani

It grows everywhere, literally everywhere – on ground, on rocks, anywhere where it can find a little bit of soil.

To me this plant is a real symbol of life – it can even drill into cement to find a place to thrive. China Calandine is a real hero survivor!

China Calandine. Photo by Shorena Ratiani

I’m also fascinated with the colors of its leaves. Its colors are so different – when it is in full bloom or when it turns to ‘autumn mode’.

China Calandine. Photo by Shorena Ratiani

The botanical name of China Calandine is Chelidonium majus. It can be found growing wild in almost all European countries, West Asia, North Africa, and North America. The plant prefers dry sunny areas and is often found next to buildings, or thickets.

China Calandine. Photo by Shorena Ratiani

Greater Calandine is a perennial plant belonging to the poppy family (Papaveraceae). It can grow up to 60 cm in height and the whole plant contains a large amount of yellow that turns orange when it comes into contact with air.

China Calandine. Photo by Shorena Ratiani

The whole plant is widely used in herbal medicine in many countries. I remember how my grandmother collected and dried them for medical purposes – it was a pity that I never asked what ailments it was believed to cure.

Part of my greater calandine photos in my gallery.

I hope you all have a bright and happy day.


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