The Shadow Project

If you are not a ghost, you will have a shadow – light travels in straight lines and your shape stops it, creating a shadow.

Do you ever think about shadows? Have you noticed how shadows sometimes look more beautiful than the shape that created them? Some people chase tornadoes. I like chasing shadows and here is what I found:

It’s my shadow taking a photo of a shadow 😀

The Shadow Project. ©Shorena Ratiani Photography
©Shorena Ratiani Photography

Any object, living or inanimate, that can block light can cast shadows. And shadows can move. When you create a moving shadow, it reminds you that you are alive. So enjoy your shadows!


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Old Fences New Beauty

I always feel a bit sad when I walk past old fences that are broken, collapsed and re-painted repeatedly and weathered pale by sun, rain and time. I feel compelled to capture and preserve their dilapidated state and can’t stop photographing them.

Old fences remind me of old, adorable grandmas, who have been forgotten, or as my (not forgotten) grandma would say, ‘forgotten even by the death’. I don’t want they were forgotten by people – that’s why I photograph them. 

Have a look at my old fence textures and tell me – are they as beautiful as I think they are?

That’s all for today.

Have a lovely time,


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