'Giselle'. Drawing by Shorena Ratiani. Chalk pastel on paper.


My chalk pastel drawing: a flower goddess, or a crazy gardener at least 😄😄

'Lifetime'. Painting by Shorena Ratiani. Acrylic and tempera on paper.


May your lifetime was full of oxygen and flowers 🌼

Blooming plum. © Shorena Ratiani Photography

Blossom Time

Some early Spring trees are blooming in Tbilisi and I’m so excited. I walk in the city like a shopaholic in a shopping mall, searching for the perfect Spring accessory – beautiful blossoms!

'Infinity Flower'. Painting by Shorena Ratiani. Tempera on paper.

Infinity Flower

If the infinity flower was existed it would look like this – without starting or ending points – a bit purple, a bit orange, a bit pink. And goldish and shiny as the sun.

'Vivienne'. Drawing by Shorena Ratiani. Chalk pastel on paper.


It was so much pleasure to draw this dreamy girl, from her a little bit sad eyes to her bouquet-like hairs.

'Moth Time'. Acrylic painting by Shorena Ratiani

Moth Time

This was my first time painting with acrylics and I was afraid a little bit, but I was surprised by how easy and pleasant it was. I loved the whole process!

'Paulette'. Drawing by Shorena Ratiani. Chalk pastel on paper.


A little bit psychedelic girl 😉😉

'Pink Night'. Acrylic painting by Shorena Ratiani

Pink Night

Night is usually associated with something black and dark, but for me it is more interesting and richly colored then day.

Tiny Plants. Tiny life. © Shorena Ratiani Photography

Tiny Life is Bursting Out

I’m fascinated when spring starts winning over winter – when green leaves burst out of the ground and stretch up towards the sun.

'The Sun'. Painting by Shorena Ratiani

The Sun

This is how sometimes I see the sun, my favorite star in the sky.

'Maya'. Drawing by Shorena Ratiani. Chalk pastel on paper.

Maya, the Forest Fairy

I’m sure she has some magical powers as she is a fairy of flower fields and forests 😉

White waterlily. ©Shorena Ratiani Photography

These Wonderful Waterlilies…

Water lilies are one of the most beautiful and elegant plants in the world. They symbolize different things in different countries – rebirth and optimism, creation, etc.

'Lily'. Digital painting by Shorena Ratiani

‘Lily’ – My First Digital Drawing

It was an amazing experience which opened to me whole new world of possibilities.

Stunning Ginger Street Cat Enjoyed Our Meal

We met this ginger gentleman some time ago in a McDonald’s restaurant. He was sitting at the edge of the outdoor seating area like a colorful cat statue. 

Gabrielle – The Golden Girl

Here is my digital artwork of golden girl 🌞🌞

Thank God, It’s Friday!

I have not yet met a single person who doesn’t experience that special Friday feeling. It’s the end of the working week for many people and a time to anticipate the freedom and fun that the weekend offers. Read more to find out some fun facts about Friday 😉

'Ocean Sun'. Digital art by Shorena Ratiani

Ocean Sun

My colorful digital artwork for warm vibes.

Tree fence texture. Photo by Shorena Ratiani

Old Fences, New Beauty

I always feel a bit sad when I walk past old fences that are broken, collapsed and re-painted repeatedly and weathered pale by sun, rain and time. I feel compelled to capture and preserve their dilapidated state and can’t stop photographing them.

Lynette. Chalk pastel drawing by Shorena Ratiani


My chalk pastel drawing of a girl, who loves to go for walk with flowers 🌸🌸🌸

Confused Nature

This time of the year nature appears to be completely confused. The trees and vines think it’s still Autumn and don’t want to let go of leaves and fruits, whilst some plants think it’s already spring and time to bloom.

Love Letter and Tiny Signs

I found some early signs of spring – very, very tiny signs 💛


It seems I was in very ‘pink mood’ while I was creating 😃


This is one of the first pictures I made after I started painting again. Because of the miniature detail it took several weeks to complete. When I finished it, I promised myself that I wouldn’t paint such highly detailed pictures again but my next picture was even more detailed 😃

Street Cat Show

I am sure this street cat remembered that I had fed him when I first saw him. When I saw him again after several months I didn’t have any food in my bag so I just stroked him. To show his appreciation, he began a lovely performance involving stretching and posing ❤️❤️❤️

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! All these hearts from me to you!

For Love of Ivy

Ivy is my absolute favorite plant. I can spend hours and hours photographing it – climbing up buildings and walls, through tree canopies, on the ground. I love it in every season of the year, in every way and condition – when it is green, red or even completely dried out. Every single ivy plant is a finished piece of art for me.

My Family and Other Animals

Although I created this website as a journal of my art journey and artsy lifestyle generally, I need to say couple of words about my family members in case they invade to my blog pages and occupy some part of it. Or at least actively participate in the stories, I’ll post here as I wouldn’t be able to restart my career if not their support.

Dating trees in the sky

I love wandering around parks and forests in winter time when the leaves have already fallen off, leaving only skeletons of bark and branches.

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My first drawing after twenty something years break

Please don’t ask me why she has a tail – she grew it herself. If I was honest, I would admit that I always wanted to have a long, fluffy tail 😄😄

The Beginning of my Art Adventure

It took long tough times to re-discover my ‘inner artist’ J Is it too late? I don’t know. Let’s see. A Chinese proverb says, the best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is today.