Galaxy in Red

Red is a magical color – color of extremes, love and adventure, also anger, danger, blood, etc. Galaxy was looking red while I was painting this picture.

'Galaxy'. Painting by Shorena Ratiani. Acrylic on paper.
‘Galaxy’ by Shorena Ratiani

Shorena Ratiani Art 
Title: Galaxy
Medium: Tempera and acrylic on paper 
Dimensions: 50 X 70 cm (20″ X 28″)

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The Sun

This is how sometimes I see the sun, my favorite star in the sky 🌞☀️🌞

'The Sun'. Acrylic painting by Shorena Ratiani
‘The Sun’. Painting by Shorena Ratiani

Shorena Ratiani Art 
Title: ‘The Sun’
Medium: Acrylic on paper 
Dimensions: 30 X 43 cm (12″ X 17″)

Here are close ups to show the detail.

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Ocean Sun

My abstract digital artwork ‘Ocean Sun’ for warm vibes.

Have a look at details:

And a whole picture:

Shorena Ratiani Art

Have a sunny day,


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