Happy Iris Day!

The 8th of May is Iris Day! Okay, okay, I know it’s already the 9th but it’s never too late to congratulate and say something nice. So happy Iris Day everyone!

Iris. © Shorena Ratiani Photography

This unique, tall flower produces nectar for insects and is celebrated for its distinctive beauty. With over 300 species, the Iris is an excellent feature in garden landscapes, with a variety of colors.

Iris. © Shorena Ratiani Photography

I was finding and photographing lovely Iris flowers for the last couple of weeks.
Here are some pictures of the first and last Iris flowers to bloom this year. I found blue, purple and white colors.

Nature is the best artist, isn’t it? More iris photos:

Did you know that an Iris flower has great spiritual meaning in different countries? It is a symbol of creativity, great power and good news ^^

Have a happy day, full of only good news 🙂



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