A wide variety of myths and symbols are associated with the dragonfly.

But the most important things it symbolizes in many countries are change and self realization. Supposedly the connection with self realization comes from dragonfly’s ability to control its movements so elegantly. And change is all about the dragonfly’s ability to fly everywhere and be comfortable on water, land or air.

'Dragonfly'. Painting by Shorena Ratiani. Acrylic on paper.
‘Dragonfly’ by Shorena Ratiani

Other things dragonfly symbolizes in different countries include power, victory, good luck, prosperity, harmony, happiness, speed and purity.

There are some less pleasant symbols connected with dragonfly, for instance in some European countries people believed dragonflies come around to check for bad souls, others were calling it witches’ animal or even snake’s servant!

Personally for me dragonfly is a symbol of elegance and ability of flying up.

'Dragonfly'. Painting by Shorena Ratiani. Acrylic on paper.
‘Dragonfly’ by Shorena Ratiani

Shorena Ratiani Art 
Title: Dragonfly
Medium: Acrylic on paper
Dimensions: 50 X 70 cm (20″ X 28″)


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